N2 Fitness have made a great impact on my life, not only am i looking and feeling great, I am also eating healthier. My "discovery health age" have dropped by 7 years so i am closer to my actual age.

Jasper Visser
4 years ago I started my fitness journey with N2fitness, i attended both bootcamp and PT sessions. Although I went to gym twice a week, I discovered that i was not as fit as I thought. It was a great challenge, but I saw results after a few sessions. I was losing weight and building lean muscle.I discovered a new love for exercise and wellness. I felt stronger and could cope with work and my daily routine.Having the privilege of a great combo of PT trainers, Heinrich and Emile have taught me a new respect for personal trainers. Heinrich - always pushing you to the limit and surpassing ones expectations of themselves. Emile - always ensuring you understand that it is not only about exercising the body, but feeding it the proper nutrition.When Delano, our Bootcamp trainer, joined n2fitness. We were driven in 5th gear.What a dedicated and talented team of Personal Trainers!At age 54, I am extremely happy with my fitness level. Thanks to N2Fitness Team.

N2 Fitness run bootcamp classes at my Company 6 times a week which commenced in November 2016. I join classes since inception and I have seen a major difference in body. My muscle percentage has increased and body fat decreased over this period. N2 Fitness offers an array of exercises that caters for all body shapes and sizes and the different training styles of the PTs keep things very interesting and entertaining.

Martinette Fortuin

The only men I allow to tell me what to do.

But on a serious note - You guys are the first to make exercise fun enough for me to actually want to keep doing it. You always keep us motivated and push us to be better!


I've been doing bootcamp at work for 2 years now which has enabled me to stay fit & healthy. The exercises routines are varied and you can do it at your own pace. At the ripe age of 40 I am still able to beat my 10 year old son in a 100m sprint. Thank you Nsquare Fitness!

Andre Botha

This is just to say I am extremely impress with the boot camp training and the amazing trainers.Since doing boot camp although they train your socks off I’ve got more energy and a firmer body than before.

All worth it

Jacqueline Bailey

I enjoy the torture it keeps me young and fit. I think you guys are doing a great job.

Lizel Harper

"I started training with Nsquared since November 2016, and since then I've lost about 10kgs. I'm obsessed with the way body is transforming right before my eyes; I'm the fittest I've ever been and I haven't even achieved my ultimate goal. I love the way the you push us to be your own personal best and won't allow us to give up on ourselves. You guys have honestly given me a new found confidence in myself and my body and for that I cannot thank you enough-Bring on the summer bodies!"

And I mean every word :)

Sanele Ngubane

I’ve always had bad gym experiences and lose interest very quickly. I recently started boot camp and I am enjoying every session more and more. Heinrich is an excellent and well equipped trainer with a true passion for fitness. Great motivator and I would recommend anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle and health change to join the boot camp.

Lauren de Wet

I have had a problem with my weight since I can remember and has always been on some kind of diet. I have lost the weight only to put it back on plus a few extra. I was never fond of exercise mainly due to my insecurities and the "effort" it was.  A dear friend of mine suggested that I have a consultation with Nsquare Fitness. During our consultation they worked out my ideal weight, current fat percentage, muscle mass and we spoke about the "areas of improvement" we need to work on. I started right away and it has been the best decision I have ever made. The first couple of sessions was tough but within no time I could see dramatic changes to my level of fitness, body and even my attitude towards health and nutrition. I cannot imagine my life without exercise and I look forward to my sessions. The Nsquare team is amazing and I would never have been able to do it without them! I am excited about continuing my health and fitness journey with the Nsquare Fitness team!

Jeanique Koelaman

N2 Fitness Boot camp changed my life. Ever since I've started BC with N2 Fitness, I became more aware of my lifestyle and my physical wellbeing. I've never trained so hard in my life but the best part was that I wanted more! My overall fitness level improved and my energy levels increased. You never knew what to expect at BC. There variety of exercises were endless and though it was tough and very challenging, being constantly motivated and encouraged by our trainer, helped a great deal. After every BC I felt like a million bucks and a day or two later you could feel your aching muscles - loved that! To sum it up in 3 words - An Incredible Experience!

Zelma Jacobs

PT has enabled me to train in a way thats tailored to my need and in the comfort of my own home, allowing me to get the maximum out of my day!

Shelley Wessels

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend N2 fitness as dedicated personal trainers. I was fortunate to have become acquainted with Emile & Heinrich. Under there "care", I have improved remarkably. I personally lost 9kg in the space of 4 months. This might not seem as many but with this my blood pressure and cholesterol levels came down tremendously.

They are excellent instructor’s in Physical Education and Training as well as knowledgeable and skilled I can recommend him highly without any reservations.

Liaan Beukes

I got a wake up call when two of my friends, one younger and one my age were diagnosed with high blood and cholesterol. I chose to live better so I joined the bootcamps. I feel healthier, look better, get up more energetic and I have a zest for life. On top of that, i see the kilos falling off. Instructors are excellent and keep you motivated. n2fitness is a-w-e-some!

Hayley Roodt